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Welcome To Silverwing's Dragon Nest Guild Page. We play on the Argenta Server. Feel free to look around or surf our forums and chat with us :). 

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*Note* When you sign up on forums, please use your in game character name to avoid confusion :)
Guild News

Skill Calculators and the Oncoming Patch

Reparo, Dec 15, 11 11:34 AM.
Please read the post on skill calculators as you guys decide on how to apply your skill points into calculators as we figure out our new builds for the patch. You can find it in the General Discussion forums or by clicking the link here :)

Skill Calculators- What You Need to Know


Kazuki, Dec 7, 11 9:08 PM.

A) Honestly, that's up to you. What do you like to do? Do you like supporting characters, devastating melee and range or destructive magic? It's entirely up to your gameplay that decides your class. Look up videos of each class on youtube. Also please look at these two links. They will help you greatly in deciding.

Q) How can I enhance items and with what?
A) You can enhance items at any blacksmith, be careful they break after +6.

Q)How can I protect my items from the cruel fate of the blacksmiths, Mr. Kazu?
A) Well, Little Jimmy, you can protect your items using Protection Jellies, but they cost NX and cost money, that's why most people usually are at 7+ or +6.

Q)What's GP and how can I use it?
A) It's Guild Points and sadly they cannot be used right now. The guild leader, which is I, can only use them to level up the guild. They are accumulated by running multiple dungeons.

Q) What's the point of a guild?
A) WELL, we can get closer and become friends and do awesome runs together. We can also help you level up and help you get any gear or materials you need. We aren't cold hearted, we love you, Little Jimmy.

Q) Omg, is there anyway to run faster in this game?
A) Mounts will be available soon, however it will cost NX. Mounts will be used in guild wars and other events, however you cannot bring them out in dungeons. Warriors however can dash outside of time.

Q) Why is Reparo so mean?

Q) Where can I find an awesome build?
A) Well, you can look through the fourms and find awesome builds by awesome members. You can also look up builds online to help you set your SP.

Q) I feel like I suck at PVP, can you help me?
A) A few members and I can give you points, but if you're not of the same class and you're asking for help, we pretty much have no idea of helping you. Ask someone of your class, remember practice makes AWESOME.

Q) Who are the guild leaders and officers right now?
A) Kazuki/Aizakku is the guild leader. Our officers are Jinso, AlexMetapod, and Reparo.

Q)Kazu, I love you, make me veteran, pls.
A) I can't. Unless I completely trust you or you've been with us for a long time, I can't make you vet just like that. If you need something from the guild storage just ask a veteran.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Reparo, Dec 3, 11 5:14 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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